Monday, March 22, 2010


Written by Anna Mizuki at 11:28:00 PM

Essence For Loving Is What I Mean,
Nature Of Two,
Of A Dove Can Never Be Seen,
Presents Of The Touch In The Palm Of Your Hand,
and Try To Understand,
Life In A Spirit Meant Rest For Two,
spirit Inside You,
The Love Inside You,
reality In A Distant,
Walking Through Our Dreams,
the Love We Want,
To Be Washed Away Down A Stream..

Anyway, sounds funny!! anna, poem ke :?: Weird but the truth is i love this poem. Nak ber'poet' la pulak..The last time I've read poem, at High School.. serius memang tak suka sastera langsung..It makes me remembered something..Something that I can never forget..Actually there is more and this is just part of it.. :!:



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