Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am Type-O Blood Donator!

Written by Anna Mizuki at 12:28:00 PM
:arrow: 26 May 2010

I'd like to share with you guys that I finally had an opportunity to make blood donation. Blood Bank come to my college for 2 days starting yesterday. My friend told me that she was not eligible to make the donation.




Therefore, not all are eligible to donate. Before, I've try to make blood donation at Hospital Ampang while I'm posting there, but Im not eligible because the lack of iron in my blood.
My blood type was type O and I'm not sure whether it was +ve or -ve :cool:

I decided to make another try since I finished my lunch today. I just ate "bihun sup".
I am supposed to eat rice or else I will fail the test. Meal before donation is very important because it will keep blood sugar up. My blood pressure is 127/78 mmhg, weight 49.5kg. And finally today I pass the test to donate :!:
This is my first time donating blood.
I feel very proud today because I've got my "certificate book" from National Blood Center :mrgreen: It was 350cc (1 pint) of my blood had taken. I congratulated myself that I was able to give my precious blood to those who needs.
I finally overcome my fear against the needles.

Nowadays, many people scared to donate their blood. Just because of they hate needle.
I sincerely wish to urge all to donate blood to help those in need.
And congratulation to my friends for those who already make the donation today.

:: Sharifah Nurazyan :: Fatin Erdiana :: Noor Farhana ::
:: Siti Nabila :: Narimah ::
:: Mus'ab Umair :: Rozaida Suhela :: Nor Hidayah ::
:: Nurul Farhanisza ::



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