Wednesday, July 14, 2010

~Just So You know??~

Written by Anna Mizuki at 11:06:00 PM


felt hard to breath..
hard to believe..
many conflict had happened to me..

already settled down with feeling..
still unsatisfied..

what to do..need to let it go..
let it go..~
here we go

I can't trust my self with anything like this..
keep happening..
I'm always want to make it move..
Don't want to waste any chances I have..
Even, sometimes there's is certain people want to knock me down..
sorry guys,
I'm not breaking ^.^

On the other side..
Sometimes feel like just want to lose it..
The easy way isn't it?
yeah~ just keep the faith..
I still try holding on the silly things..
I never learn why.. o.O"
F***ing sick the way it hurts~
still falling on this dirty ground..
and again~~
just the way the story goes....


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