Monday, December 6, 2010

Handmade htc Desire pouch!!

Written by Anna Mizuki at 1:30:00 PM

This is the first phone pouch I've eve made myself!
The inspiration comes when I saw some pic on the internet..
then I've been thinking to made one for myself.

But, where can I get those material?
else I can't make it nicely done.
Let's give it a try..
just wait and see how it looks like..

last few weeks I accidentally found those materials..
the place named Daiso..inside of Sunway Pyramid..
All of the things sell in the Daiso's market is made originally from Japan..
I always said it was kedai jepun 5 ringgit..bhahaha~
because all the item were listed RM5 each..
So it turns my spirit more eager to do it..
Let's see what I've found there..


So starting sewing, just like old lady sit on lazy chair..kidding!
whatever it is, I still want to make it work! just how I imagine to be!!

so, here we are!


With patiently I made it!!
It's carefully HAND-STITCHED by me.
It's easy to open/close with a string & a button.
And the main stitch colors are yellow and pink.
I love PINK!!

Materials : Outside- high quality Japanese smoky pink, mixed orange and yellow 2 mm thick felt, Inside- yellow 1 mm thick felt, BIG buttons, string.
Unique I think!
It safe enough to protect my Lovely Desire!!


That's all..



Shuk said...

cool, wat satu utk vivaz aku leh...
aku bayar ape~ hehe

chairooL said...

tolong wat kan 1 untuk my blackberry bold9800 and iPhone boley ? nak kale putih + hitam + merah ek!

ainsleydarbin said... xjual!! ;P awak buat la sndri..lg puas hati..he3

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