Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yuuki Mora

Written by Anna Mizuki at 6:39:00 PM 2 comments

My name is Yuuki Mora, I am a Persian+american long hair. I'm female and 3 months old.

Day 1.
I was adopted by new mummy, Ainsley Darbin on 29 April 2011. I am less speak, but I'm not deaf.. My mummy doesn't know why I'm being so shame and loss of appetite even she feed me with blackwood at first, then also treat me with royal canin. I feel so scare with new environment.

Day 2.
I'm out from cage and everybody play with me. I can feel the bonding. Mummy feels happy seeing me play around. My appetite being good now. Feels free..yeay! I am no longer in cage for 24hours! Thanks mummy!

Day 3.
Ok, now I feel good more than enough. Really loves to play! I'm even ignoring my food and drinks. I can't wait to be closed more and more to my lovely mummy, Ainsley. I hope my new mummy will take a good care of me.

Day 4.
Mummy took me to Vet for the head to toe examination. The doctor said I'm good in condition, but I had a bit problem with my ears. I had ear mites, and doc clean it up, and give mummy the ears drop to treat my ears and overcome the mites!! I felt so itchy! mummy, can u put some more drop please? and mummy said-no Yuuki, I already put said once in a day only.

Regard, Yuuki Mora.