Friday, September 9, 2011

Having some Tacos @ T.G.I FRiDAY'S

Written by Anna Mizuki at 12:02:00 AM
Hey guys! Disebabkan tengah ada mood ni, nak update another entry pulak. This time about food that I really want to know how it taste like. Did you ever heard about TACOS? Tengok movie english and they said "Let's have some tacos". 1st thing in my head "Tacos tu macam mana rasanya?" Then last time jalan2 cari pasal kat Sunway Pyramid, terasa nak makan kat T.G.I FRiDAY'S lagi. And this time saya order Beef Tacos! yeay!

This is how it looks..

BEEF TACOS! delishus..!!

Soup + Salad

I LOVE BROCCOLI! People don't like broccoli used to call it 'toilet brush'..what daaaa!!!

The wall's decoration..erm nak deck tu boleh x? Strawberry Lemonade Slush..masam! tapi sedapp!!


Right after having the meals, jalan2 cari pasal pulak..heeee~ Window shopping je.

Peace malu2 :oops: jalan sorang-sorang.. hihi :)

Tengah belek2..tapi xde satu pun yang berkenan..heee!

Last but not least.. People asking me about how do I wrap this shawl. Don't worry, I'll do the tutorial later. Just wait for it guys !

Until then, see ya later
Thanks for reading.
Lots of love,
Anne xx.


Syaidatie Nurdilla said...

Chantek kamu pakai shawl camtu.. follow sini yee.. @~@

fyna said...

tgi! lama xpergi so cute la sayang..

wanblur said...

fuyooo/ sedap sedap

nAZifa said...

hye pretty!
like ur style..
T.G.I friday is the BEST!

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